Monday, July 26, 2010

Japan Japan Japan

It has been a month since I uploaded last. It is almost August!
I have been back in my hometown Tokyo for about a month and I feel like I am finally adjusting to this now alien environment. This city is super high-tech and much cleaner than LA but so small and less relaxing it feels like. I feel that I had to get used to constant stress and less chilling. Maybe it is my unstable situation that is causing this kind of dismay. All I know is that I need to get used to it and do the best I can under the circumstances.
A couple of weeks ago, I had one of my best friends come to visit me here, so we took a short trip to Nara and Kyoto both of which are much less hyped traditional city with many many awesome historical buildings and culture remains there.
It is very interesting to see disconnection of our contemporary and traditional culture. It almost seems like everybody died all at once and then were born again with no education of previous civilization. Those historical sites we visited were mostly occupied by elders and foreign tourists. I wonder, where is my generation of Japanese going? Where do they acquire these valuable tradition and culture if I see none in here?
Anyways, I took some photos from there and in Tokyo as we walked around. It is very interesting to see them in such fresh eyes.

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