Sunday, February 6, 2011

Old film, new film

It's been a while since I wrote anything. I guess I am not the type to write too much. That's why I draw instead...

Here is a film I did in my undergrad. This was made when I was just starting to learn animation and I had this amazing teacher and artist Soyeon Kim who taught us students really cool techniques for animation. It is my favorite class ever. So I made this one shot where the dog goes from the street to the Executive's chair. I added other shots a year after I graduated, and I was getting really frustrated how I did things when I made the first shot.
It was all fun and good though!

This is my first film done in the graduate school of UCLA. It was actually an undergrad class, so I was learning everything from the beginning. It was really interesting to learn how timing and breaking joints make so much difference in the flow of animation.

right now, I am working on my first year film that is going to be about 5 minutes long. I am freaking out because we only have about 100 days left. It's scary how long it takes to do so little. It's all learning though, right?

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