Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Drawing rehab. one day at a time

While I was in Japan over the summer, I had a cool job at a CG company working as a lighter/compositor for a TV show which will be aired soon in Disney Channel.
That was all great and I learned a whole lot, but the problem was that I stopped drawing almost entirely during that time. Now I am back in school trying to start my own animation realizing how far I had become from drawing.
When we had a first class of figure drawing class with infamous professor Vilppu, he looked at my drawings for 5 seconds and said "You are just copying. Have you ever seen my drawings?" I was super-embarrassed by the fact that one, he didn't remember me from last year at all and two, I was totally copying like he said. It was a loud wake-up call for me.

I have been presenting my storyboards with my colleagues these days and that really stimulate me because everybody draw really well and they each have their own styles.

Anyways, so I am slowly slowly getting back to drawing each day. Here are some sketches I did at Page museum by LACMA. I don't like bones too much because they are just sooo complicated and I always run out of patience before I finish the whole body. That day was better because I had some friends to chat with while doing them and kids came around and entertained us.

And, since I have a new film to focus on, I have been doodling my characters bit by bit. I still don't quite know them yet, so I hope to spend more time with them and get to know them. You can kind of tell that I can't distinguish them yet. They look way too similar when I draw them now.
I have been having a hell of a time modeling them also. It is good to get back to Maya.

The last thing, I did a character sketch and storyboard with Kartika Mediani for a short film script called Terminus. They are trying to get funding for it on Kickstarter. I hope they get the money!!

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