Friday, August 10, 2012

Merman and Fish DONE!!!

Yes and yes!! The film I have been working on last year or so has finally picture-locked. I have one of my good friends do sound design on it and hopefully be able to find someone to mix it. I am soooo stoked!! This was supposed to be done in June, but I just had a crazy ambitious idea to start with, so it took me extra 2 months to final everything and get the look I wanted. It was such a hard road after the summer started. I am so ready to move on and do some completely new projects.
I just had a small viewing with some close friends and it seems I was able to convey the story well enough for people to understand, so I am looking forward to showing more people and getting their reactions once the sound is done and mixed. Perhaps, I can do a viewing party or something??

This is the first version of the poster. I really like making posters because it tells a lot about the stories.  It took me forever to decide the eyes for Fish because my friend suggested she should be looking at Merman instead of the front. I tried some stuff out and it just did not stick with me, so I went back to original idea. I wonder what the reaction is from other people?

Anyways, I am getting ready to just settle down and seek for inspirations for my next project. The summer has finally begun!

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