Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Time to simplify.

I realized that my website was getting too elaborate to the point where I didn't want to mess with it anymore. So I just decided to start fresh from an empty blog! All, nice and white!

Hi, my name is Saeko Igarashi and I am a starting artist currently located in LA.
I work as a 3D generalist at a small animation studio called Arconyx. I love it there!
I am from Japan and my background in art education is traditional oil painting and live action film making. Somehow, in the beginning of my senior year of my undergrad at Cal State Long Beach, I decided that I wanted to do animation instead of film, partly because I felt like I was unable to fully expressing myself with the medium, and partly because I got so sick of political drama that was constantly evolving in the department and people who were within it.
Anyways, since then, I have made my way into animation world mainly working on 3D and other digital motion graphics.
I hope to learn as I go.

My interests right now are stopmotion animations, LA underground art, scooters, and of course movies.

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