Monday, May 24, 2010

Art and Movie Day! "Exit Through the Gift Shop"

Today was incredibly inspiring and productive day.
I met one of my actors from my movies and my dear friend at Montana street and we went around looking at some really chic furniture stores. She has earlier gave me a book called "Artist's way" which is a very positively influencing book for artists and I was very thankful for that. It was a great time talking to her about life and all. I was also very inspired and encouraged to make stuff. I kept thinking about what to make with all of those fabrics I've found on the street yesterday. I found some pretty cool ideas.

When I came home, I had the greatest urge to clean the entire apartment so I vacuumed it and got rid of some clothes laying around. It feels good to clean sometimes. It's like resetting a computer. I still have a lot of mess in this place, but I think I will get to it tomorrow.

Then, my colleague from school came to visit me and to discuss about his project I've been helping him on. I've been doing some little animation for parts of his film and I was pleased to see how my works have integrated to great looking live action footage. In the same time, I felt very responsible for creating work that would be worthy to the film. I felt very motivated about continuing the work.

We haven't seen each other in a while, so we spent some time talking and decided to watch a movie by Banksy, "Exit Through the Gift Shop".
The movie was very funny and interesting and got me thinking about how art is found and brought to us everyday as products and in means to make money.
Money and Art is like a couple that hate each other. As much as art is not supposed toe be connected to monetary value and merchandise, it needs that to keep going and be spread to the public.
It also made me think about the importance of having ideas and obsession to your creation. I felt that if you want to be successful as an artist, you need to be smart and persistence. Skills to create things are not as essential as the ideas to do it.
I understood that the main intention of the film is to criticize about how ironic the whole "Art" business works, and I realized that weather I like it or not, I am part of it and I will have to live in it. Banksy is an exception because he is talented and established already, but for the rest of us still trying to make it, we actually can learn from MBW about how things work around here.
So I felt sad but motivated. True talents are out there and Banksy can make films, a real good one.

I kept thinking about all these great noble things, but my cat is obsessed with me and he would not go to bed without me so I am going to bed.
Good night.

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