Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend report

It's already monday, and I am sick.
Hare are some things I've been doing. I've been keeping pretty busy except for working hard.

Thursday- figure drawing
I started using charcoal with my sketches and realized they are great for shading. Still not that great, but it is fun to experiment.

Friday- Art shows
I had a chance to go to the opening of a solo show of Allison Sommers at Thinkspace with a good friend of mine.
Also, we just peeked from the window and saw bits of Thomas Doyle's show at LaBasse Projects right after. What a nice coincidence! The works are brilliant of course, but most of all, we were just soo hyped by the fact that they were both utilizing glass domes to put their artworks in.
There was just something about the domes that just made us so excited and we decided to work on a piece using it ourselves.
Too cool!!!

Saturday - Hunt for a dome and more art show
To my surprise, finding a glass dome was much harder task than I've ever imagined.
We started with thrift shop, then T J Max to Micheals... and finally till Petsmart to find no luck whatsoever. There were so many regular glass vases and containers, but none of them would go upside-down nicely. I mean, of course they are not designed to be upside down. We are still looking for it up till today, but I have a feeling we need to make some kind of compromise in the end.
After getting exhausted by empty hunting, we decided to refresh ourselves with a little bike ride.
We went to a small collage near her house to find this bizarre site.


and more bunnies!!

There were hundreds of them around on the lawn, just chilling out. I was so amazed and full of wonder how the school operate with most of their properties occupied by rabbits.
Later that day, I was able to go to another show by a local students, which I did appreciated to some extent but was not too impressed for the most part.

Sunday - Museum and D-box
I revisited Museum of Jurassic History. This time, I was able to sit down and watch some of the videos I missed last time, but come to find out, there wasn't much clear information in the videos as I hoped. Some of the visual, especially about the Russian scientists who were convicted as counter-revolutionary organization under Lenin. There was some odd time back then.
Then, to change the mood 180 degree, we experienced D-box, the moving seat in the Chinese theater. We watched Elm street, the new one.

It was literary a massage chair that is synchronized with actions in the movie.
I wasn't so into a movie itself, but I fully enjoyed the vibration and movement. It was almost like an amusement park attraction.
Would this have repeaters? I don't really think so. It was fun, but not enough to make me want to go again.

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